At Talking Threads we embrace artisanally crafted, slow fashion, and a made-to-last philosophy. It runs in our design DNA to conceptualise couture that will be loved and re-loved across occasions and time. Talking Threads Second Life program is an initiative that delivers authentically to this philosophy. It offers an opportunity to breathe new life into once-loved and treasured pieces from your wardrobe, by customizing and re-designing ensembles, promoting the regeneration of textiles and fashion.  

Under our Second Life program, we not only offer design alterations to key fashion investments purchased from our label, but also work with your heirloom pieces  that honor our shared craft heritage and personal legacies. 

This Mother's Day, fashion influencer Nandini Sharma embarked on a heartwarming journey with Talking Threads to redesign her mom's bridal dupatta into a contemporary piece for her to re-love. 

Talking Threads Second Life.  Recreating a second life from your mother's treasured garments.

Nandini desired a chic and modern look while preserving the traditional essence of her mom's dupatta. She and her mother Taranaa visited our flagship store in Mehrauli, Delhi, to try on syles from our evening couture line. They fell in love with a gown saree style and we decide to go for it. Our design team sketched her look and her bespoke creation went into production at our atelier. 

Talking Threads Mother's Day Second Life Initiative promoting sustainability in fashion.
Talking Threads atelier focuses on Second Life Program as part of its sustainability initiatives

The result was a stunning fusion of artisanal beauty and contemporary glam. It was an emotional journey for Nandini and her mom - it was a delight for us to give a gorgeous Second Life to a treasured heirloom. 

Talking Threads Second Life initiative breathes new life into your mother's treasured fashion investments

In Nandini's words " Who would’ve thought that my mom’s wedding dupatta could be turned into a pre-draped, retro inspired saree for me to cherish forever💌" 

In Nandini's mom's Taranaa's words " Thankyou my angel ❤️❤️❤️ this beautiful gesture means a lot to me😘😘😘 Whenever you'll wear this saree you will feel like you're next to me ♥️♥️♥️u have always made me so proud.. @talkingthreadsofficial a big Thankyou to u guys too❤️

Here's to collaborating with many more of you to regenerate a Second Life for your treasured fashion investments. If you are excited to move in this direction,  please write to me at I would love to hear from you. #sustainable fashion #regnerative design # slow artisanal fashion #made-to-last