Men's Couture 2024


I am excited to present to you Talking Threads Men’s Couture 2024.  This time we embarked on a journey that aims to redefine masculine suaveness by blending minimalistic timelessness with our design house’s rich essence of opulence.

In essence, the garments reflect this very spirit of respect for the past - timeless sherwani and occasion wear indo-westerns that speak volumes on sophistication and tuxedos ready for cocktails designed with meticulous attention to detail as well as unmatched craftsmanship for discerning eyes.

True craftspeople are behind every piece as they have lovingly created each one by hand incorporating conventional embroideries and embellishments in luxurious silks, satins and velvets. The outcome is a collection which is not just worn but experienced.

The color palette for 2024 explores masculine depths through colors — from the classic men’s blacks and deep blues that command authority, to earthy olives that resonate with down-to-earth adventurous spirits. We then move into regal touch of jewel tones – finally toning it down to our signature barely-there pinks proving yet again that true strength derives from embracing one’s full spectrum.

Our collection marks a significant addition to Talking Threads' menswear line, filling a void with indo-western silhouettes and cocktail tuxedos that our clientele has been urging us to create.  It is a celebration of male sartorial splendour, a testament to our commitment to crafting wearable art that is as unique and dignified as the men who don them.

In every line, in every cut of our garments, the Talking Threads Man stands undeniably apparent, an archetype of poise and purpose in the dance of the everyday and the celebrations of a lifetime.

- Pearl Uppal


Inspired by tradition and moved by the modern world, Talking Threads celebratesculture in fashion and exceptional craftsmanship, to create gorgeously affordable bridal, grooms wear, celebration and evening couture. Our raison d'être is to make the artisanal relevant to the modern consumer and to democratise bridal couture by making high quality sophisticated glamour accessible to every discerning bride and groom.


We are a deep purpose driven brand with unflinching commitment to our core values the 5Cs  - Craftsmanship, Culture, Customer Commitment, Customisation, and Connections.  These values differentiate us from others and drive us to deliver exceptional experiences beyond the gorgeous dresses we create.