THEIA from Talking Threads is a collection of uber-stylish, masterfully hand beaded, glittering and glorious jackets. Opulent hand embroideries, meticulously detailed on luxurious fabrics,  cut to impeccable tailoring,  come together for the diva in you.

Theia, the goddess of light, was a powerful and radiant being who was able to control the sun, moon and stars. Known as the "shining one" or "bringer of light", she shone brightly in the sky, lighting up the entire earth below her. Talking Threads embodies this same power and beauty in its new collection of masterfully hand beaded jackets. Inspired by the grandeur of Indian artisanship and needlework artistry, THEIA is a celebration of opulence and glamour. Each jacket has been hand-crafted to perfection by expert artisans using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

 In the words of the creative director Pearl Uppal " Our evening line gives me the canvas to showcase the glory of Indian artisanship and needlework artistry to the world. Each time you wear a Theia jacket, you feel like a bit of a princess