India’s cultural heritage is an intricate tapestry conjoined by individual threads of rich tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. Today, we find ourselves at a fascinating junction, where tradition beautifully syncs with the present to herald a promising future. With a sense of great pride and joy, I am honoured to introduce the emblem that represents this bright future: the majestic Indian Peacock.


A Tribute to the Indian Peacock

The Indian Peacock, revered as our national bird, symbolizes the grace, charm and beauty that India embodies. It signifies not just an exquisite bird, but encapsulates the heart of India’s mysticism, arts, culture and tradition. This vibrant and regal brace of colours speaks of beauty, rejuvenation, immortality, splendour, and luxury; elements that epitomize the ethos of Talking Threads.


Talking Threads' Mission

Talking Threads’ endeavour surpasses merely creating captivating designs. We are driven by a passionate mission to reinvigorate and celebrate India's stunning craftsmanship. Our artisans, the hands and souls intertwining each thread, form the backbone of our mission. We aspire to make the allure of our artisanal craftsmanship not only relevant for, but also accessible to, the modern world, ensuring each piece resonates with an enduring traditional narrative.


The Propitious Peacock: Blessings and Prosperity

The Indian Peacock serves as more than just our emblem. This bearer of auspiciousness and good fortune is interwoven into each aspect of Talking Threads. It is my heartfelt hope that each time you don Talking Threads apparel, visit our store, or receive packages of our cherished creations, the symbolic sighting of our Indian Peacock emblem brings you an abundance of blessings and prosperity.

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Join Us in Our Exciting Journey

As we embrace the Indian Peacock as our guiding light, it becomes a testament to our unwavering commitment towards empowering personal style, bridging you with the luxurious heritage of Indian artistry, and ensuring every moment with us weaves a  tapestry of elegance, charm, and unfading memories. I am overjoyed to invite you to join us as we craft the future of Indian bridal and evening couture, the Indian Peacock lighting our way forward.

 - Pearl Uppal

 - Creative Director Talking Threads