I inherited my mother Kulbir's deep passion for Indian needle crafts, love for custom made and uncompromising approach to quality. In my childhood and through my young adult life, I never wore off-the-shelf. My mother designed every dress and got it hand sewn to my custom measurements and specifications. We designed and crafted together. Experimenting with hand sewing techniques, romancing colours through hand dyeing and dressing up luxurious fabrics with needlework artistry created our joint escapades at every milestone event, from day one of pre-nursery, to each birthday, first day of college and more. Every special occasion meant me going to my mom with my dream dress and mama sparing no effort to dress my dream. My wedding trousseau was a treasure chest of heritage crafts and custom-made dream dresses. To this date, I don't know my “standard size”. Made to measure is they only size in my wardrobe; my favourite dress silhouette sits between a sheath and a shift, my favorite colour is my own shade of black between charcoal and midnight, the favourite neckline sits between a crew neck and a boat, the silhouette I wear always elongates my legs, enhances my shoulders; the surface always balances opulence against the simplicity of the canvas, the fabric always delights the skin. My deep understanding of what I like and what I don't,  makes her want customers who are confident to explore, and don’t settle at less.


Academically inclined towards science and technology, I pursued a bachelor’s in engineering from Delhi college of engineering and master’s in technology management from IIT, thereafter making a flourishing career in the internet industry. There too, my interest in fashion did not stay away for long and I actively started work in the crossings of fashion, tech and retail. I founded and invested in fashion tech startups and the journey came a full circle when I re-joined hands with her mother to seed Talking Threads in end of 2013. In a short span of 6 years, by 2019, Talking Threads created and served a discerning clientele in over 70 countries. At this point Talking Threads was serving celebration and heritage couture, without addressing the bride and groom directly. The brand's discovery and retail was primarily online through our global e-flagship. The covid pandemic in 2020 made physical retail come to a standstill and Talking Threads clients sent in requests from different parts of the globe for custom bridal, relying on my design aesthetic, Talking Threads quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom couture capability. During this phase, I started reimagining the bridal and evening couture industry with a narrative that puts the customer and her personal expression at the heart and center of the design process. The brides and grooms I worked with during this phase wanted their dresses to be an expression of their personality, they were discerning of quality workmanship and particular about the fit.


In that phase Talking Threads designs cut across different vibes, from modern romantic to heritage classic, from dreamy princess to dazzling glam, while being consistent on the core of elegance, sophistication, and timelessness. This phase was defining for me to hone on my craft and understanding of my design philosophy. As I brought the bride and groom’s vision to life, as I dressed up the celebrant family members, I realised that my designs constantly sought a balance between opulence and simplicity, modern and tradition, art and pragmatism. At the very core, I valued “classy” in every vibe. As the pandemic restrictions lifted, I visited Indian bridal couture stores from the coveted big names to Chandni Chowk bridal retailers and also covered the small bridal designers and boutiques to deeply assess the friction from the consumer standpoint and how Talking Threads could make a difference. There began my journey to reimagine bridal and celebration couture and a mission to make bridal better.


In 2022 Talking Threads launched its first bridal and menswear collection Sonnet- 18 and the bridal and wedding couture line will now get its first flagship in Mehrauli Delhi in January 2023, while the studio in Gurgaon will continue to host bespoke clients. Our intrinsic love for needlecrafts, continues to keep our atelier busy in crafting future heirlooms in thread and gold work. The third line of evening couture is also gaining traction with dazzling cocktail sarees, beaded jackets, bespoke gowns and cashmere party accessories. Bridal & Celebration Couture, Heritage heirlooms and evening couture form the Talking Threads portfolio triangle.

As a young creative director, I am continuing my journey of exploring cut, craft and colour. I am committed to democratising couture and amplifying the synergies between fashion and tech. I know no bigger joy than to dress the dreams of celebrants celebrating life’s shimmering moments.   As of today, I am enrolled in a professional course of draping, experimenting with corsetry,  exploring surfaces on the mermaid silhouette, working with artists to create artworks for New Parsi Garas and prepping for the launch of the Mehrauli flagship.