Caring for Pashmina as well as its storage can be tricky but the following easy steps can help you preserve your pashmina for years to come.

Cleaning: Pashmina should ideally be cleaned once a year and if worn frequently, one should wait for at least two to four wears before cleaning it. Though Pashmina is soaked in lukewarm water and hand-washed in Kashmir, we recommend that you opt for a professional dry-cleaning for your pure Pashminas to preserve their heirloom value.

Airing:It is recommended that you air your Pashminas once every year. Take them out from your wardrobe andnaturally air dry your Pashminas in the shade. Direct sunlight should be avoided as it can be a bit harsh


Storing: Moisture can breed moths so choose a clean and dry place to store your Pashmina. The best way to store Pashmina is inside a cloth bag in a moisture-free ventilated area, like your wardrobe. Since Pashmina is prone to pilling it should never be stacked on top of another while storage. The Pashmina can also be stored in tissue paper but we recommend you refrain from using plastic as the moisture can encourage moth infestation.

Pilling: Pashmina is a natural fiber and while wearing it, the friction that is created by rubbing with itself can cause it to pill (form knots on the surface). While pilling is unavoidable, it can be greatly reduced with proper storage. Pills can be removed using fabric shavers especially designed to remove the knots of wool or by lint rollers which gently remove the pilling.