Introducing a captivating collection showcasing exquisite corsets and bustiers, where masterful beading artistry harmonises with meticulous construction details. Immerse yourself in the opulence of crystals and pearls, entwined with the sensual allure of metallic and satin drapes. Effortlessly transition from the diva of the day to the goddess of the night with our classic tailored pants and skirts.

Meet the enchanting Woodstock, Esmeralda, Gemma, Madonna, Amor, Elysian, Divinity & Diamante. Each piece reflects our expertise in artful embroidery, a refined articulation of draping and construction, and our distinctive balance of opulence and simplicity.

Spring Summer 2024 unfolds as a mesmerising symphony of design, meticulously orchestrated by our master artisans and talented designers. Witness their impeccable craftsmanship as they breathe life into each piece, evoking a sense of wonder and timeless elegance.