Navratri 2023

Explore our Navratri Collection, where each day brings you a burst of color and fantastic savings. We've handpicked five items daily, each matching the color theme of the day. Enjoy highly discounted prices as we celebrate Navratri in style. Don't miss out on these special deals!


Inspired by tradition and moved by the modern world, Talking Threads celebratesculture in fashion and exceptional craftsmanship, to create gorgeously affordable bridal, grooms wear, celebration and evening couture. Our raison d'être is to make the artisanal relevant to the modern consumer and to democratise bridal couture by making high quality sophisticated glamour accessible to every discerning bride and groom.


We are a deep purpose driven brand with unflinching commitment to our core values the 5Cs  - Craftsmanship, Culture, Customer Commitment, Customisation, and Connections.  These values differentiate us from others and drive us to deliver exceptional experiences beyond the gorgeous dresses we create.