To our dear clients around the world,

At TALKING THREADS, we celebrate the masterful craftsmanship & diverse arts that are indigenous to our country. From Bandhej in Gujarat to Tilla in Kashmir to Kantha from Bengal & Orissa, one of our founding principles is to preserve the heritage thread crafts of India, helping them evolve to be relevant to the modern woman. We are a CRAFTMARK certified, proud ethical team who believes fashion can be responsible & beautiful in more ways than one. Over the past few years, as we have created and delivered 25,000 garments across 63 countries, we have also broadened our artisanal base and now partner over 500 artisans across Chikan, Parsi Gara, Kashmiri Tilla, Pita, Aari, Dori & Zardozi artisanal clusters in India, bringing their craft to the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic & the subsequent lockdown created an unprecedented situation for our artisan partners with their produced goods and craft not getting access to markets. Being a cash economy, this resulted in a large-scale financial crisis affecting their livelihoods and ability to meet basic necessities.


In April’20, to support our artisanal partners, Talking Threads under our #SupportArtisans initiative opened our platform to third party products, to bring financial liquidity & self-sufficiency back to these clusters & families. We created & promoted #SupportArtisans as a separate line, giving global visibility backed by our quality assurance standards & customer experience to our clientele. Our clientele responded resoundingly by action with over 2000 luxury artisanal garments sold across 45 countries during the key lockdown phases alone.

Since then, we expanded #SupportArtisans to other artisanal clusters that may require assistance, extending a lifeline for them at this time. Today, with the incredible breath of artisanal luxury on offer & the Talking Threads quality assurance, we are seeing over 80% growth month-on-month in artisanal sales with our discerning global clientele, stepping up to help save crafts & families during the COVID-19 crisis.

We continue to do our bit to help artisanal clusters as they represent hundreds of thousands of jobs and a key element of our culture & heritage. With the country of the size of India and the complexity that the pandemic presents, the work ahead of us is extremely challenging, but the objective behind it drives us to power our way through. In these times, we all must do what we can to contribute to make things better, and we are attempting to do our bit through our threads.

Pearl Uppal Kachru
Founder & CEO
Talking Threads