Inspired by tradition and moved by the modern world, Talking Threads celebrates culture in fashion and exceptional craftsmanship, to create gorgeously affordable bridal, grooms wear, celebration and evening couture. Our raison d'être is to make the artisanal relevant to the modern consumer and to democratise bridal couture by making high quality sophisticated glamour accessible to every discerning bride and groom.

Under the creative leadership of Pearl Uppal, the brand is passionately driven to dress the dreams of brides and groom with style, personalisation, masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Tangible handmade quality, luxurious fabrics, couture finishes and customisations come to the forefront of every Talking Threads creation.

Our belief in creating unique, personalized experiences places you, our valued customer, at the heart of our brand. Your satisfaction is not just a goal, it's our driving force. With a dedicated team and a commitment to exceeding expectations, we're here to ensure your journey with us is nothing short of cherished and celebrated.

Welcome to Talking Threads, where culture meets couture, and YOU ARE AT THE HEART OF OUR CRAFT.





We are a deep purpose driven brand with unflinching commitment to our core values the 5Cs  - Craftsmanship, Culture, Customer Commitment, Customisation, and Connections.  These values differentiate us from others and drive us to deliver exceptional experiences beyond the gorgeous dresses we create.

Craftsmanship: Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Talking Threads. Every Talking Threads creation has significant artisanal contribution, meticulously crafted to perfection, reflecting our passion for preserving and evolving our shared craft heritage.

Culture: Our brand is an ode to the confluence of culture and fashion. We merge age-old traditions with a contemporary vision, resulting in stunning bridal, grooms wear, celebration, and evening couture that showcases the timeless beauty of our cultural diversity.

Customer Commitment: Placing the customer at the center of our narrative, our commitment to exceeding expectations ensures that your journey with us is a unique and cherished experience.

Customisation: Customisation & Personalisation is truly our Superpower. We can proudly claim to be the most personalised wedding and celebration couture brand in India. Most Talking Threads garments are customisable on as many as 10 attributes. In addition to this 10-point customisation offering, we are delighted to personalise our creations to reflect your story in our threads. And, to top that,  our Bespoke offering delivers an unmatched sketch to dress experience, where detail and design come together to exceed your inspiration.

Connections: We're not just a brand - we're a community of dreamers and creators. We believe in the power of human connections. Instead of an advertising led growth, we are growing by human connections, by word of mouth and celebrating our communities.

Our raison d'être is simple yet profound - to make bridal couture that's not just exquisite but accessible. We believe that every discerning bride and groom deserves the opportunity to embrace sophistication and glamour without compromise. Through tangible handmade quality, luxurious fabrics, couture finishes, and bespoke options, we've set out to democratize bridal couture.