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Our Story

Talking Threads is an ambitious design project, strongly inspired by heritage thread arts and deeply committed to taking our heritage across the globe.

The Talking Threads label emphasises the epitome of culture in a continually shifting fashion world. Classic and timeless aesthetics, colours that are on-trend and significant artisanal contribution in every piece, makes Talking Threads a unique and distinctive entry into the fashion world.

Each piece from the Talking Threads ensemble is designed in our studio and handcrafted by talented artisans to personalised specifications of our discerning clients.


Talking Threads label was born in August 2013 as a result of coming together of Kulbir Uppal and Pearl Uppal Kachru ( a mother daughter duo) with their unique design perspectives and experiences. An Army General’s wife, Kulbir ran her clothing boutique for 25 years in different parts of India ,thereby garnering a rich experience of our heritage thread arts and bespoke garment contruction. Pearl, in her 16 year career span, has run leadership roles in companies like Yahoo!, pioneering fashion e-retail in India while building fashionandyou.com, and, has invested and mentored startups in the Internet space. Talking Threads for Pearl, is a coming together of her deep interest in the intersection of fashion and tech, and her desire to create timeless quality clothing that she would like to wear but cannot easily find in today’s trend and celebrity driven fashion offerings.



100% Indian, and proudly so, Talking Threads has served over 9000 delighted clients across 42 countries in a short span of 2 years. The design, patterning, sewing, final hand finishing of garments and shipping happens out of our studio and warehouse in Gurgaon, India. Fabric embroidery and weaving happens in a combination of our owned, operated and partnered workspaces across different parts of the country depending on the know-how and skills needed in different thread arts. The beautiful colours in our garments come from our own colour lab.


You are currently visiting our flagship store www.talkingthreads.in. We chose to retail exclusively online, for the global distribution the internet provides us, and the strength a 100% owned retail channel delivers to our made-to-fit and customised fashion endeaviours. Retailing our label through partner retail channels would make it impossible for us to deliver the customisations our discerning clients love. At www.talkingthreads.in, we maintain direct communication with our clients making it possible for our teams to customise garments to your preferences, be it colour, fit, form or detail. Though we’d love to keep our retail experience over the web, should you like to meet us and see our designs and garments in person, you can do so by appointment at our design studio in gurgoan. We are always eager to hear from you and get to know you better. The Talking Threads journey has just begun. Thank you for your love and trust. Hope you enjoy your Talking Threads as much as we enjoy creating them and bringing them to market.


Kulbir & Pearl